Our weekly show explores the evolution of sexuality...in and outside the bedroom and beyond the heterosexual “norm.” We have roundtable discussions with experts, conversations with everyday people working through issues in their sex lives and also answer listener questions. Get intimate with us and “come” as you are! Join us for lively talks about romantic kink, ethical sluttiness, art-porn, polyamory, play parties, shibari, fetishes, sex-tech and sex, sex, sex!

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IAN KERNER, PhD, LMFT, is a licensed psychotherapist and nationally recognized sexuality counselor who specializes in sex therapy, couples therapy and working with individuals on a range of relational issues. He approaches psychotherapy from an integrative perspective, which seeks to explain human behavior by bringing together physiological, affective, cognitive- behavioral, neurobiological and systemic approaches as they apply to the natural stages of human development and the wide range of human functioning.


DULCINEA PITAGORA has a practice in New York City that includes individual, couples/dyads, and multi-partner therapy. Pitagora's practice is person-centered and strengths-based, focuses on self-determination and empowerment, and is LGBQ, trans, poly, and kink affirmative.

Pitagora is an adjunct professor of sexual health at New York University. She holds a Master of Arts (MA) in Psychology from the New School for Social Research, a Master of Social Work (MSW) from New York University, a Master of Education (MEd) from Widener University, and is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist (CST) and doctoral candidate at Widener University's PhD program in clinical sexology.


DEREN JONES is a New York based journalist and media maker whose work aims to collapse social constructs and touch the human heart.  She is committed to revealing the bold and beautiful which she often finds in the most unexpected places.